We are Creativos

At Colegio Creativos we work in an education in tune with the mind, body and spirit.

Our programs are aligned with the OECD Learning Framework 2030 and the UN 2030 Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs).

At Creativos we focus on helping our students develop the skills they need for a new world, to face the challenges of modernity, and to be active, responsible and committed citizens.

Our Philosophy

Creativos’ philosophy is based on individual and social well-being. This is our raison d’être and our approach to education: Children entering basic education need to be responsible and empowered, putting collaboration over division, sustainability over short-term gain. They must value common prosperity and social welfare. They must abandon the generally accepted concepts of previous generations that natural resources are unlimited and must be exploited.

We want a world of well-being for our children and for future generations, with high quality of life, including health, civic participation, social relations, education, satisfaction and environment.

Our mission

“Our mission is to add value to the formation of the spirit, body and mind of our educational community with cutting-edge resources, from a multicultural program in an emotional intelligence model”


“The vision of Creativos is to be a school recognized for promoting a cutting-edge education, developing collaborative work, with excellent academic performance and artistic expression, based on the development of social awareness”

What to teach?

The level of skills is not necessarily related to the level of education. In adult life, people with the same degree may have a very different level of competencies. Our Constructivist educational model with a Multicultural Program is unique and focused on the development of competencies, which involves the mobilization of:

knowledge, broad and specific; skills, cognitive, meta-cognitive, social, emotional and practical; attitudes and values, which must be practiced by individuals, the community, society and globally.

Our values

To add value to the formation of the mind, body and spirit of our educational community through a multicultural and artistic program with state-of-the-art resources, in a model of emotional intelligence.


This value encompasses the three spheres of the person: Respect for oneself. Respect for others. Respect for your environment. It is also the basis for other values, for example, respect for the time of others generates responsibility.


This value encompasses individual and social responsibility. It refers to a person's response to a situation that implies the fulfillment of an established agreement.

Commitment to truth

It refers to being congruent and honest with ourselves in what we feel, think, say and do.