Pre-school at Creativos

As soon as they take their first steps, they can join our program. Our staff and environments are specially prepared to guide them in this stage of development.

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"The first movement of the little hand toward things, the impulse of this movement, represents the effort of the self to penetrate the world." Maria Montessori.

The little ones in the nursery are our greatest treasure. As soon as they take their first steps they can join our creative community.

It is an immense pleasure and a great pride to accompany them in the exciting adventure of getting to know themselves and the environment that surrounds them. At Comunidad Infantil, the children receive the stimuli and tools that will give them the greatest advantages in their development.

Our environments are designed and adapted for our little ones to move freely and safely in space. The Montessori materials we use are designed specifically to stimulate their development and encourage their spirit of exploration and inquiry, and from this age they have their first contact with the English language through fun activities and lots of music.

Our nursery in Cancun has a highly specialized Sensory program for the proper stimulation of the 5 senses with activities designed for it. We can detect early situations that may lead to future diagnoses of learning problems without actually being so. With this type of program we prevent conditions that are not easy to identify in the classroom or at home, such as auditory or sensory hypersensitivity or visual impairments.

Harmony and happiness

We live in tune with mind, body and spirit. We work for the integral development of our community.

Creativos Community

The profile of the Creativos Community is to be supportive, open-minded, with integrity, bold and inquisitive.


We work collaboratively in a fair and equitable manner. We care about our own and others' needs. We know how to express our thoughts and feelings.

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