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«The child, with its enormous physical and intellectual potential, is a miracle in front of us. This fact should be conveyed to all parents, educators and people interested in children, because education from the beginning of life could truly change the present and future of society.» Maria Montessori.

At Colegio Creativos Cancun, preschool children have environments prepared for learning through fun experiences that invite them to explore their world.

We use various pedagogical tools and concrete Montessori materials that help them discover everything that surrounds them. At this stage, they receive the necessary tools for the development of creative and analytical thinking, in Spanish and English, from the hands of trained guides with great human qualities.

Our kindergarten in Cancun has the 5 areas designed by Maria Montessori: Cultural Areas, Mathematics, Sensorial, Practical Life and Language.

Programs are adapted according to the developmental level of each child. Among the skills acquired are:
Problem Solving
Although it is a very early stage, preschool environments are designed to foster critical thinking, observation and complex dilemma solving.
Through a project approach, children learn the value of teamwork, self-control, diplomacy, empathy, and time management.
3-D Thinking
It refers to the ability to visualize objects, and the way they move in space.
Sensory abilities are extremely important since they become the first functions to develop in the child and the basis for later perceptual development and intellectual maturation. Sensory stimulation has a scientific basis and is supported by neurological studies that show that it is possible to maximize the different physical and psychological possibilities of the child.
Communication Clarity
Children learn to communicate what they want through classroom interaction and negotiation of privileges among their peers and with adults.
Creativity is the process of imagining what can be. It is just as relevant in the preschool environment as it is in adult life.

We build project-based learning, with relevant work, in a transversal and dynamic way.

The Experiencia Creativos

Thanks to The Experience Creativos, our students have access to fundamental aspects of human development in today's global context.
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100% Bilingual Community

We are a bilingual community based on a multi-cultural thinking approach which is completed with values.
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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Harmony and happiness

We live in tune with mind, body and spirit. We work for the integral development of our community.


We recognize parents and school staff as members of a learning community co-responsible for the integral education of children.


We work collaboratively in a fair and equitable manner. We care about our own and others' needs. We know how to express our thoughts and feelings.

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