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"Success is not achieved by special qualities alone. It is above all a work of constancy, method and organization" J.P. Sergent.

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At "Creativos" we have the infallible formula for success. We take the knowledge, add the skills, multiply the result by a positive and proactive attitude: there are no limits to what our young people can achieve.

At the end of their basic education, our students are in a position to develop the skills that will transform our society and shape the future. Our high school in Cancun is focused on meeting the growing demand for young people who must be innovative, responsible and conscientious.

Value generation: Through collaborative work, cooperation and the creation of knowledge based on previously acquired knowledge.

Reconciliation: To be prepared for their adult life, young people must learn to think and act taking into account the interconnections and interrelationships between contradictory or incompatible ideas, i.e., to think systematically.

Responsibility: Fairness, creativity and problem solving require the ability to visualize the consequences of one’s actions, to evaluate risks and rewards, and to accept responsibility for what we do. This implies a sense of responsibility, morality and intellectual maturity. At Creativos we see the adolescence as a period of opportunity to develop it.

Our support programs include the Model of United Nations (MUN) High School for this level.

In Creativos we give a special emphasis to the strengthening of values and in Junior High School, to service learning:

  • Leads to action
  • Learning is applied in real life
  • Arises from genuine needs
  • Arises and encourages learner Interest
  • Generates learning connected to your emotions
  • It is a very significant learning experience
  • Guarantees success regardless of the children’s level of proficiency.

We build project-based learning, with relevant work, in a transversal and dynamic way.

The Experiencia Creativos

Thanks to The Experience Creativos, our students have access to fundamental aspects of human development in today's global context.
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100% Bilingual Community

We are a bilingual community based on a multi-cultural thinking approach which is completed with values.
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We use Knotion's integrated learning platform that fuses science and consciousness to live as a new humanity.
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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Critical Thinking
Emotional Intelligence

Complex problem solving
Use and exploitation of technological resources
Judgment and decision making.

Service orientation
Adequate people management.

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