The Creativos Experience

At Creativos we are capable of thinking outside the box and being original in the process of creating ideas.

Creating cutting-edge models since 2004.

"Character is manifested in the big moments, but it is built in the small ones".

Winston Churchill

Our vision of learning includes all stages throughout the entire school life, from preschool through high school, with mechanisms that promote learning in multiple ways in the same line of teaching.

At Creativos we focus on the premise of quality time, which allows development in all areas of life. In addition to complying with the academic program set by the SEP, and incorporating additional pedagogical tools to strengthen the learning of key subjects such as mathematics, reading and writing. We have created 34 programs with our students at the center to motivate them and develop their individual potential. Together they are called The Creativos Experience and are divided into: Experiences, Programs, Festivals and Workshops, with relevant content that engage students and generate a deeper understanding of concepts.


Competency development is achieved through a sequential process of Reflection, Anticipation and Action. Reflective practice is the ability to adopt a critical stance. Anticipation mobilizes analytical thinking. Both Reflection and Anticipation are precursors to responsible Action.

According to the OECD Learning Framework 2030, this is the way to develop the interconnected competencies required in the world today.

Thanks to The Creativos Experience, our students have access to fundamental aspects of human development in today’s global context..


Meet some of our programs.

Conoce algunos de nuestros programas.

We build project-based learning, with relevant work, in a transversal and dynamic way.


• CreAttitud
• Entrepreneurs
• Getting Closer
• Family Race
• Cultural Trip
• Globetrotters
• Book Fair
• Project Closures
• Camps
• Winter Project


• Civic Act
• Spelling Bee
• Family Reading
• Artesofía
• Just Dance
• Brain Gymnastics
• Parenting School
• Sensorial
• CUAM Alliance Science Fair


• Spring Festival
• Talent Show
• Mother’s Day
• Father’s Day
• Children's Day
• Day of the Dead
• Student’s Day
• Mexican Night
• Posada

Curricular Workshops

• Music
• Robotics - Computing
• Body Language
• Handcrafts
• Psychomotor / Physical Education

100% Bilingual Community

We are a bilingual community based on a multi-cultural thinking approach which is completed with values.
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We use Knotion's integrated learning platform that fuses science and consciousness to live as a new humanity.

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